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Modern Filtration

Premier 6-Stage Air-Injected Whole House Well Water Filtration and Conditioning System

Premier 6-Stage Air-Injected Whole House Well Water Filtration and Conditioning System

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No one likes the smell or taste of rotten eggs. Now, with the Modern Filtration Premier 6-Stage Whole House Well Water Air Injection system, you can get rid of that horrible sulfur odor and flavor in your well water completely. Plus, the system filters out iron that causes orange and yellow stains on tubs, sinks, appliances and even your laundry. Even though iron and sulfur are two of the most-common, naturally occurring elements in nature – they don’t belong in your water.

The Modern Filtration Premier 6-Stage Well Water Filtration and Conditioning System* can remove or reduce well water issues like the presence of sulfur, iron and manganese and stops hard water scale formation without salt!

Managing hard water (lime scale) buildup extends the life of your home’s plumbing fixtures and appliances, like your water heater. Catalytic Technology converts scale-forming calcium and magnesium to aragonite, a healthy, water-soluble mineral that does not form hard water scale build-up. You’ll also save on costly replacement, maintenance and repairs. Best of all, your family will enjoy reliable, quality water for years to come and we guarantee that with an industry-leading warranty.

The patented Vortech™ water distribution system increases filtration capacity, reduces regeneration and backwash pressure, ultimately conserving water usage by up to 30%.

An innovative and patented self-cleaning design accelerates the velocity of water across the distributor, preventing the potential build-up of contaminants resulting in up to 80%better efficiency.

You can choose the appropriate size for either up to three or six bathrooms, too.

*We highly recommend a well water analysis before purchase to confirm system compatibility. 

Pricing depends on many factors including testing your water. Contact us to find out more and discuss what is best for your location.

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The Essential Chemical-Free Answer to Removing Iron and Sulfur from Your Water

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10-Year Warranty

No Salt/Potassium to Buy

No Filter Changes Ever

No Maintenance for Warranty Period

Certified Safe for Septic Systems and Locations Where Water Softeners Are Banned

Removes Offensive Odors

Removes Up To 10 PPM Of Iron And Sulfur

Removes Offensive Odors

Removes Up To 5 PPM Of Manganese

Controls Bacteria and Algae

Diminishes Scale Build Up with Salt-Free Descaling Technology

The Best Option for Use With All Water Heaters, Even Tankless

Environmentally Friendly Option to Salt-Based Softeners

Conserves Water and Electricity Via Innovative Technology

Stainless Steel Bypass Valve and Hardware Kit

Made in the U.S.A.

What This Means for You

Better tasting, highly filtered alkaline water for drinking and cooking
(Ph may vary slightly depending on your geographical location)

No service calls, salt purchases or expensive filters to replace

Reduces deterioration of plumbing, pipes, sinks, tubs and appliances

Reduces energy and water waste

Harsh chemicals are eliminated

Saves money

Better drinking water for your pets

Healthier hair and skin

Improves air quality in your home

Whiter, brighter clothes

6 Stages of Water Filtration



Removes or reduces iron and hydrogen sulfide from water. Controls scale, bacteria and algae. Redox media alloy functions as a catalyst to change soluble ferrous cat ions (positively charged ions) into insoluble ferric hydroxide, which can be easily removed with regular backwashing. Utilizing dissolved oxygen in the water, iron removal rates of 98% or better are common in laboratory studies.



Water flows through the upper cavity, making contact with injected oxygen (O2). This oxygenated water maximizes the removal efficiency of the multiple filtration stages.



Granular Activated Carbon is highly porous, natural substance that helps with removing iron and sulfur residuals as well as neutralizes bad odors and flavors. 



Katalox is a hybrid media shown to be one of the most effective methods of efficiently removing iron and sulfur from well water. This combination offers efficient contamination reduction and requires less regeneration water. This acts as a catalyst by accelerating the chemical reactions without being consumed or chemically changed by the reactions.


Garnet Mineral Stone

Water passes through a layer of natural garnet minerals removing suspended solids and sedimentation down to 10 microns. This allows for maximum water distribution and backwash efficacy.


Catalytic Converter

When water passes through the catalytic converter it goes through a turbulent interaction with a catalytic core made of a proprietary alloy. The unrelated metals combine with the water to create a battery effect that generates a tiny electrical charge. The charge effect generates a chemical reaction converting scale-forming calcium bicarbonate, to a non-scale forming calcium called aragonite. Healthy minerals are maintained, while the damaging consequences of hard water scale are eliminated.

New aragonite crystal formations are constantly produced to prevent the lime scale deposits created by hard water. The process also gradually removes any hard water deposits that have accumulated previously. 

Vortech® Technology

Vortech® is the world's most innovative and efficient universal distribution system for water treatment systems, in filtration and softening applications. The design creates fluidity of the media bed and extends contaminant removal capacity up to 80%. This means less water waste and improved water quality.

Made in the USA

Each Modern Filtration System is hand-built right here in the United States to ensure the highest quality manufacturing and materials.


Tank SizeUp to 4 BathroomsUp to 6 Bathrooms
Filtration Stages6 Stages6 Stages
Media TypesKDF85 / GAC / Katalox / Garnet MineralKDF55 / Coconut Shell Carbon / Quartz
DescalerCatalytic ConverterQuad Polarity Magnetic Ionizer
Filter Volume1.5 cubic feet2  cubic feet
Capacity (gallons)Up to 1,000,000Up to 2,000,000
Service Flow (GPM)Up to 20 Up to 20
Tank TypeVortech™ w/Mid-PlateVortech™ w/Mid-Plate
Tank Dimension10” x 54”13” x 54”
Weight (lbs)155225
Tank ConstructionBlue FiberglassBlue Fiberglass
Valve TypeDigital w/ Blue LED displayDigital w/ Blue LED display
Fitting Style1"FNPT1"FNPT
Max. Feed Pressure (psi)7070
Max. Feed Temp. (F)110110
Min. Feed Temp (F)3333
Warranty10 Years10 Years
Country of ManufacturerUSAUSA