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Submit a request for free quote and consultation with our experts at Modern Filtration through our contact form:

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2. Select Your System

During your consultation, if you haven't purchased your system already, the appropiate water filter system is selected. This is based on a variety of factors including budget, geographical location, water source, and more.

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3. Select Your Plumber

Modern Filtration has a trusted network of vetted plumbers for referral. We also can provide diagrams for your own plumber to install.

4. Relax

Enjoy your filtered water with ease. Our systems will back flush every 3-4 weeks, using about 40-50 gallons of water. No need for annual maintenance or service for up to 10 years!

  • getting-system-ready.jpeg__PID:65f189cf-5765-4898-b3cd-58e4e97db383

    Unboxing the Modern Filtration System

  • preparing-installation.jpeg__PID:65989873-cd58-44e9-bdb3-83efe75fdc60

    Stubbing-out the Water Line for Installation

  • installed.jpeg__PID:f189cf57-6598-4873-8d58-e4e97db383ef

    Completed Plumbing Installation

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