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During your consultation, the appropiate water filter system is selected for your home based on a variety of factors including budget, geographical location, water source, and more.

Select Your Plumber

Modern Filtration has a trusted network of vetted plumbers for referral. We also can provide diagrams for your own plumber to install.

Select Your Installation Method

There are two methods to install your new Modern Filtration system:

  • Pre-Plumbed Water Loop - This water loop was installed by the home builder for water softeners because it bypasses your cold water side of your kitchen sink. You will need a RO system to purify and remineralize your water at your kitchen sink.
  • Main Line Connect - This is connecting to the water main to your home before any branches. This will allow you to have filtered water at every faucet of your home.


Enjoy your filtered water with ease. Our systems will back flush every 3-4 weeks, using about 40-50 gallons of water. No need for annual maintenance or service for up to 10 years!

Actual Installation Photos

Access panel to the main water shutoff

Main Water Line

Cutting a hole in the wall for main water line access

Cutting Access to Main Water Line

Unboxing new Modern Filtration water filtration system

Unboxing the Modern Filtration System

Water Filtration unit next to the wall preparing for installation

Stubbing-out the Water Line for Installation

Modern Filtration Water Filter fully installed

Modern Filtration System Install Complete

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We Pay for Shipping and Installation*

*Free shipping applies for all whole-home systems over $1,000. We will work with a preferred licensed plumber in your area and pay for a standard installation to locations with exposed water main loops for water softeners located in the garage. If you are not sure about your installation location, please contact us.

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