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Modern Filtration

Dual Premier 5-Stage Whole House Well Water Filtration & Softening System

Dual Premier 5-Stage Whole House Well Water Filtration & Softening System

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The Modern Filtration Dual Premier 5-Stage Whole House system is the most advanced well water filtration and softening system on the market today. Its single-tank well water solution handles an array of dangerous contaminants including hardness, manganese, iron, tannins and organic impurities. The 5-Stage* treats all at the same time, unlike other systems.

By comparison, other competing well water systems typically utilize several pieces of equipment to do the same thing as our system does all in one. This results in a more expensive purchase and wastes water and salt.

Employing an exclusive combination of softening resin and the most leading-edge media formulations in the industry, we can effectively and efficiently reduce impurities. The secret to the Modern Filtration system is hybrid media. This is an advanced adsorption and ion-exchange media designed explicitly for the simultaneous treatment of high levels of hardness, iron, manganese, and low levels of tannins and organics.

The patented Vortech™ water distribution system increases filtration capacity, reduces regeneration and backwash pressure, ultimately conserving water usage by up to 30%.

An innovative and patented self-cleaning design accelerates the velocity of water across the distributor, preventing the potential build-up of contaminants resulting in up to 80%better efficiency.

You can choose the appropriate size for either up to four or six bathrooms, too.When your problem water contains elevated levels of hardness, iron and manganese, you can count on Modern Filtration to have an innovative answer.

*We highly recommend a well water analysis before purchase to confirm system compatibility. 

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Well Water, You Have Met Your Match

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Features and Benefits

10-Year Limited Warranty

Prevents hard water scale and water spotting

Treats much higher iron and manganese levels than conventional water softeners

Thorough removal of water hardness, tannins and other organics resulting in better color, clarity and taste

Patented Vortech® Water Distribution System

Self-cleaning design

Cost-effective and long-lasting media

Stainless steel bypass valve included

What This Means for You

Better tasting, highly filtered water for drinking, bathing and cooking

Simple operation and no day-to-day maintenance

Healthier hair and skin

Better lathering soap and detergents

Cost-effective solution

Takes up little space – 1/3rd the space of conventional systems

5 Stages of Water Filtration


Inert Resin

Decreases high levels of oxidized iron that typically cause orange or red staining on tubs, sinks, laundry, walkways and your home’s exterior.



This stage further reduces iron and manganese to make sure iron and manganese are completely removed from the water.



Radically reduces organic impurities and contaminants frequently resulting from farming, domestic and industrial waste.


Hi-Efficiency Cationic Exchange Resin

Softens water by effectively removing calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese and sodium.


Quartz Mineral Stone

Water passes through a media bed of quartz mineral stone, removing suspended solids and sedimentation, allowing maximum water distribution, efficiency and improved taste.

Vortech® Technology

Vortech® is the world's most innovative and efficient universal distribution system for water treatment systems, in filtration and softening applications. The design creates fluidity of the media bed and extends contaminant removal capacity up to 80%. This means less water waste and improved water quality.

Made in the USA

Each Modern Filtration System is hand-built right here in the United States to ensure the highest quality manufacturing and materials.


Tank SizeUp to 4 BathroomsUp to 6 Bathrooms
Filtration Stages5 Stages5 Stages
Media TypesInert Resin / Ferrosorb / Humisorb / Cationic Resin / Softening Resin / QuartzInert Resin / Ferrosorb / Humisorb / Cationic Resin / Softening Resin / Quartz
DescalerCat ion ResinCat ion Resin
Filter Volume1.5 cubic feet2.5  cubic feet
Capacity (gallons)Up to 1,500,000Up to 2,500,000
Service Flow (GPM)Up to 20 Up to 25 
Tank TypeVortech™ w/Mid-PlateVortech™ w/Mid-Plate
Tank Dimension10” x 54”13” x 54”
Weight (lbs)155225
Tank ConstructionBlue FiberglassBlue Fiberglass
Valve TypeDigital w/ Blue LED displayDigital w/ Blue LED display
Fitting Style1"FNPT1"FNPT
Max. Feed Pressure (psi)7070
Max. Feed Temp. (F)110110
Min. Feed Temp (F)3333
Warranty10 Years10 Years
Country of ManufacturerUSAUSA