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Modern Filtration

Essential 4-Stage Arsenic Whole House Water Filtration System

Essential 4-Stage Arsenic Whole House Water Filtration System

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What’s lurking in your drinking water? If you have high levels of heavy metals in your water, you could be in danger. Don’t take any chances.

The Modern Filtration 4-Stage Essential Arsenic Filtration System* removes arsenic III and arsenic V, cadmium, copper, chromium +6, selenium, antimony, mercury, uranium and zinc. It also removes a broad range of other contaminants from the water.

The filtration media we use is a highly effective granular adsorbent that removes heavy metals from water sources. This innovative technology uses a patented titanium dioxide compound to adsorb arsenic III and arsenic V, as well as a wide range of other contaminants.

The Modern Filtration 4-Stage Essential system is the most environmentally friendly unit available for removing arsenic and toxic heavy metal from your water. The filtration media lasts a long time, and when discarded, has a classification of non-hazardous for disposal.

The backwash discharge water contains no concentrated contaminant levels. Therefore, the discharge is safe for septic or sewer systems. Correspondingly, since arsenic is permanently adsorbed, used filtration media is environmentally safe for landfills. The system also conserves water by backwashing for only 10 minutes every two weeks.

The filtration media used is NSF Standard 61 approved and has received regulatory approval from agencies in the United States and Canada.

When there is a serious potential for arsenic and heavy metal contamination in water, it’s recommended you test the water every 90 days. You can simply purchase inexpensive testing kits online to do so.

For arsenic levels exceeding 60 parts per billion or 0.060 mg/l additional water treatment equipment might be needed. Please contact the Modern Filtration experts for additional assistance.

You can choose the appropriate size for either up to three or five bathrooms.

*We highly recommend a well water analysis before purchase to confirm system compatibility.

Pricing depends on many factors including testing your water. Contact us to find out more and discuss what is best for your location.

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Remove Toxic Heavy Metals, Like Arsenic and Lead, from Your Water

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Features and Benefits

10-Year Limited Warranty

No salt, no potassium and no filters to change

No day-to-day maintenance

No day-to-day maintenance

Does not require chemical regeneration

Lowest cost per gallon to operate of any other arsenic removal technology

Highest performing arsenic reduction system available

Removes Arsenic III, Arsenic V and other heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, copper, chromium +6, selenium, antimony, mercury, zinc, and uranium

High-tech digital control valve

Safe for septic and sewer systems

Environmentally safe because system does not leach back arsenic

Automatic backwash to ensure system efficiency and long service life

Stainless steel bypass valve included for easy installation

Made in the U.S.A.

What This Means for You

Healthier water for you, your family and pets

Better tasting, highly filtered water for drinking, bathing and cooking

Simple operation with no salt, potassium or filters needed

Healthier hair and skin

Better lathering soap and detergents

Safe for the environment

4 Stages of Water Filtration


Activated Alumina

During the first stage of filtration, water moves through pre-treated media to lower internal pH, maximizing the adsorbance of fluoride and arsenic.


Garnet Mineral Stone

Water passes through a layer of natural garnet minerals removing suspended solids and sedimentation down to 10 microns. This allows for maximum water distribution and backwash efficacy.


Titanium Dioxide

In stage three of filtration, the titanium dioxide removes arsenic III & V and a broad range of heavy metals, including lead, cadmium, copper, chromium+6, selenium, and zinc from your drinking water.


Quartz Mineral Stone

Water passes through a media bed of quartz mineral stone, removing suspended solids and sedimentation, allowing maximum water distribution, efficiency and improved taste.

Vortech® Technology

Vortech® is the world's most innovative and efficient universal distribution system for water treatment systems, in filtration and softening applications. The design creates fluidity of the media bed and extends contaminant removal capacity up to 80%. This means less water waste and improved water quality.

Made in the USA

Each Modern Filtration System is hand-built right here in the United States to ensure the highest quality manufacturing and materials.


Tank SizeUp to 3 BathroomsUp to 5 Bathrooms
Filtration Stages4 Stages4 Stages
Media TypesActivated Alumina / Garnet Mineral Stone / Titanium Oxide / Quartz Mineral StoneActivated Alumina / Garnet Mineral Stone / Titanium Oxide / Quartz Mineral Stone
Filter Volume1.5 cubic feet2.5  cubic feet
Capacity (gallons)Up to 1,000,000Up to 2,000,000
Service Flow (GPM)Up to 20 Up to 25 
Tank TypeVortech™ w/Mid-PlateVortech™ w/Mid-Plate
Tank Dimension10” x 54”13” x 54”
Weight (lbs)155225
Tank ConstructionBlue FiberglassBlue Fiberglass
Valve TypeDigital w/ Blue LED displayDigital w/ Blue LED display
Fitting Style1"FNPT1"FNPT
Max. Feed Pressure (psi)7070
Max. Feed Temp. (F)110110
Min. Feed Temp (F)3333
Warranty10 Years10 Years
Country of ManufacturerUSAUSA