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Modern Filtration

Premier 11-Stage RO with Alkaline Remineralization Under-Sink Water Purification System

Premier 11-Stage RO with Alkaline Remineralization Under-Sink Water Purification System

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Now you can experience the healthiest, best tasting water available with the Modern Filtration Premier 11-Stage RO with Alkaline Remineralization Under-Sink Water Purification System. Delivering 11 stages of water purification with remineralization, plus the ability to remove thousands of dangerous contaminants, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re providing your family with the purest water available anywhere.

The system filters out most waterborne contaminants, plus it adds back essential minerals, antioxidants and electrolytes your body needs to maintain proper hydration and oxygen to fuel cells and organs.

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Protect Your Family, Pets and Home from Contaminated Water


You’ll get the nutrition and oxygen your body needs because our active mineral technology adds calcium, potassium, magnesium and other minerals to the water, helping you to stay hydrated and fortifying your blood with oxygen.

We guarantee you’ll have the healthiest, purest drinking water on earth because all our filters are engineered to work together perfectly for safe and delicious water.

Install it yourself! No need to spend money on a professional installer. Modern Filtration includes simple instructions and an easy-to-understand system design

Manufactured in the USA with a one-year warranty.

Water is ready when you need it. The three-gallon storage tank assures you have water on demand for drinking, cooking and washing.

11 Stages of Water Purification


Sediment Filter

Removes suspended solids, like dirt, rust and sand. It also effectively removes chlorine, volatile organic chemicals and odor-causing compounds.


GAC Carbon Block Filter

Removes chlorine, volatile organic chemicals and odor-causing compounds.


Coconut Shell Carbon Block

Systematically removes odors, volatile organic compounds, heavy metals, unwanted colors, hydrogen sulfide, herbicides, pesticides, biological and chemical contaminants.


High-Efficiency Reverse Osmosis Membrane

The membrane concentrates on difficult contaminants like lead, arsenic, chromium, fluoride, TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) and radium.


Magnesium Mineral Stone

Adds ionically activated mineral content to the water, allowing for optimum alkalization with beneficially healthy natural minerals to power your cells and enhance organ function.


Alkaline Mineral Balls

Organically amplifies the water’s pH which then neutralizes acids and helps to increase oxygen supply in your body.


Tourmaline Mineral Balls 

Tourmaline increases the cellular absorption of water that aids in nourishment, supports detoxification, improves the body’s capability to heal and supports immune system function. It is known as the “Miracle Stone” or “Electric Stone” because it has a natural ability to generate electricity.


Far Infrared

Activates H2O molecules and improves oxygen levels in the body. It also increases circulation by eliminating fats, chemicals and toxins from the blood, regulates cholesterol levels and reduces systemic acids to help ensure proper systemic balance in the body.


ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) Media

Attracts acids from the water helping to raise pH and the concentration of hydrogen and hydroxide ions. It lowers ORP levels and provides healthy antioxidants that have been clinically shown to slow cell degeneration and aging.


GAC (Granular Activated Carbon) Polishing Filter

Removes any remaining tastes, odors and other undesirable chemicals, especially ones like hydrogen sulfide (rotten eggs smell) or chlorine.


Alkaline Remineralization

The alkaline filter adds ionically activated elements (such as zinc, calcium, dietary iron, magnesium, and potassium) back into the filtered water, ensuring better daily mineral intake.

Filtration Stages11 Stages
Capacity (gallons)Approx. 3,000 Gallon Capacity
pH8.0 - 9.5
Weight (lbs)29
Dimensions16"W x 18"H x 5.5"D

Includes the Aqua Bru by Modern Filtration Apex 11-Stage Reverse Osmosis system with Alkaline Remineralization, three-gallon storage tank and stainless-steel faucet.