Aqua-Tech Hybrid Series 7-Stage Filtration & Softening System

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Aqua-Tech Hybrid Series (7-Stage) Filtration & Softening System

Now you can drastically improve your home’s water quality with an “Aqua-Tech Hybrid Series (7-Stage) Filtration & Softening System" This will answer all your water concerns. As Aqua-Tech is an All-In-One solution for your at-home needs.

Let us help answer any questions regarding concerns with your water at home. Hardness minerals are not the only common question. There are a number of other more concerning contaminants that play a factor in your water. Such as chlorine, chloramines, heavy metals, volatile organic compounds, PFAs “Forever Chemicals”, pharmaceutical residuals, and more. Our local municipal water contains literally hundreds of chemicals and contaminants that water softening alone can not remove. The “Aqua-Tech Hybrid Series” combines softening and filtration technologies to offer the most comprehensive whole home water treatment system in the industry to provide a solution for virtually all your water treatment concerns. You can also enjoy spot-free water that will eliminate soap scum and minerals deposits throughout your entire home. Totally eliminate those annoying spots on your dishes, shower doors, fixtures, and more. Removing hardness minerals eliminates these unsightly spots.

Stay rest assured that your water will be comprehensively filtered and softened with a 7 stage water treatment that we offer with the Aqua-Tech. Providing the best water imaginable for your entire home. There are many benefits to using water softening and filtration system. You’ll have softer skin and silkier hair because the chlorine and hard water aren’t stripping out the natural oils and causing damage. You will actually be able to use up to 50% less soap with softened water as the soap will lather much better with softer water. By removing the hardness minerals, you eliminate hard water scale buildup. This means you won’t have to spend time using harsh chemicals to try to remove all the buildup from your showers, sinks, and other surfaces. This is an overall bonus, as you will save money on cleaning products, too. When cleaning with soft water, you won’t need to use as much soap or detergent, and you also won’t need to buy cleaning chemicals to remove scale buildup, this is better for the environment and your wallet.

The Aqua-Tech Hybrid Series is the most eco-friendly water softening solution on the market today. Our system also uses a high-efficiency resin technology that conserves the amount of salt/potassium needed for backwashing, which saves on wasted water and greatly reduces maintenance costs.











Aqua-Tech Hybrid Series (7-Stage) Filtration & Softening System

KDF55 Media

KDF55 Media

KDF55 is used to remove or reduce chlorine and water-soluble heavy metals and control scale, bacteria, and algae.

Hi-Activity Catalytic Carbon

Hi-Activity Catalytic Carbon

High-quality catalytic carbon eliminates chlorine, chloramines, heavy metals, bromate, PFA’s, volatile organic compounds, pharmaceuticals, biological and chemical contaminants.

KKDF85 Media

Coconut Shell Carbon

The carbon is a highly adsorbent has a unique ability to remove offensive tastes, odors, color, chlorine and volatile organic chemicals.

Hi-Activity Catalytic Carbon

High Efficiency Resin

Resin seemlessly reduces soap scum and limescale, while extending the life of your plumbing system, fixtures and appliances. This top tier resin will ensure soft, spot-free water, from every faucet.

Quartz Mineral Stone

Quartz Mineral Stone

Water passes through a media bed of quartz mineral stone, removing suspended solids and sedimentation, allowing maximum water distribution, efficiency, and improved taste.

Magnetic Anti-Scale Ionizer

Garnet Mineral Stone

Water passes through the 2nd “Polishing” stage of natural mineral stones further assisting to remove suspended solids, and waterborne sedimentation down to under 10 microns.

Clinoptilolite Mineral Stone

Clinoptilolite Mineral Stone

Clinoptilolite Mineral Stone reduces sediment and turbidity, drastically increasing filtration efficiency and capacity up to 300%. Clinoptilolite conserves the amount of water needed for backwashing and regeneration.

Cyclone Technology

The world’s most innovative and efficient distribution system for water treatment vessels. The design creates fluidity of the media bed and extends contaminant removal capacity up to 80%, which means less water waste and significantly improved water quality. Just another example of the innovation and quality you've come to expect from Modern Filtration.

Made in the USA

Each Modern Filtration System is hand-built right here in the United States to ensure the highest quality manufacturing and materials.

Tank SizeUp to 4 BathroomsUp to 6 Bathrooms
Filtration Stages6 Stages6 Stages
Media TypesKDF55 / Coconut Shell / Catalytic Carbon / Softening Resin / Garnet Mineral / Clinoptilolite / Quartz KDF55 / Coconut Shell / Catalytic Carbon / Softening Resin / Garnet Mineral / Clinoptilolite / Quartz 
Descaler10% Commercial Grade Resin10% Commercial Grade Resin
CAPACITY (GALLONS)Up to 1,500,000Up to 2,500,000
SERVICE FLOW (GPM)Up to 20Up to 20
TANK DIMENSION10" x 54"13" x 54"
WEIGHT (LBS)155 lbs.245lbs.
TANK CONSTRUCTIONFiberglass with Stainless JacketFiberglass with Stainless Jacket
VALVE TYPEStandard LED, Full Color Touch-Screen LEDStandard LED, Full Color Touch-Screen LED
MAX. FEED TEMP. (F)110110
WARRANTY20 Years20 Years
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