The Modern Filtration Company ethos is built on a philosophy of sustainability.

Our products are certified. That gives a guarantee to offer you a product that meets all the requirements of the highest quality standard. The availability of clean water for drinking, cooking and in everyday life is an important goal for most citizens in our country. We strive to give such an opportunity. Our goal is clean water in every home. The order of water to the home, office, school is the best solution to the problem of providing clean water.

All the coloured elements of the water filter jug (except the lid) are translucent, giving the water inside a soft shimmer. But these models don't just look good: the patented filtration technology reduces limescale and impurities that impair taste in your drinking water quickly and easily.

This system offers a cost, energy and space saving solution that utilises a central cooling and filtration plant to distribute an unlimited supply of fresh drinking water to multiple dispense points around a building, from a single point. This concept has been developed to overcome the issues of having coolers located throughout a building, which requires local water and power supplies, meaning increased enabling works and service visits. This can be installed as part of a build programme or as a retrofit into an existing occupied workspace.

Adequate hydration is a key factor in improving immune response and subsequent illness prevention, as well as contributing positively to weight loss, flushing toxins from the body and increasing cognitive function.

In excess of 2 billion bottles of water are imported into the UK every year. The effect on the environment in terms of pumping, processing, transporting and refrigerating this water is an expensive and time consuming process that is based on marketing. Although an increasing focus on recycling is helping, an average of 77% of plastic bottles are still sent to landfill, a figure of around 1.54 billion bottles every year. Plastic bottles can take between 450 to one thousand years to decompose, and if they are burned, they release toxic by products such as chlorine gas and ash containing heavy metals. We believe that serving the highest quality drinking water can be achieved by using a local source, at a fraction of the cost to our clients, both in environmental and financial terms.